SPCA Turns Adoptable Pets into Gifs to Help Them Find Homes

Posted by Amber King
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You can't avoid them and everyone loves them, so the SPCA has taken advantage of the Internet's obsession with gif memes by making a few of their own.

The 'Adopt a Meme' project was recently introduced by the SPCA in an attempt to draw more publicity to their population of homeless animals. You can't scroll through your Facebook feed or check Reddit without some kind of animated meme catching your attention. Sometimes they're silly and others are thought-provoking, but the best thing about them is that they're easy to share.

That's exactly why the SPCA decided to get creative with their own meme-making. They needed a way to introduce their adoptable dogs and cats to the public, and traditional methods are slow and inefficient.

The SPCA worked with the creative agency, DDB Singapore, to send a message to social media users. They took pictures of real shelter animals and created unique gif memes based off their personalities.

Each meme reflects the defining character traits of a specific animal in an attempt to attract the attention of the perfect person. They want to show people that shelter animals have personalities worth taking a chance on. They have relaxed cats, goofy dogs, and even a hip-hopping rabbit waiting for someone to fall in love with their special breed of charisma.

The SPCA hopes to cut through online clutter to give their homeless animals the best opportunities. Their approach is true to today's trends and caters to the average Internet user's need for quick, eye-catching information. The more times the meme is shared, the better the animal's chances of being adopted.

So do an adoptable animal a favor and share these memes with your friends.

What do you think of the SPCA using gif memes? Let us know in the comments.

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SPCA Turns Adoptable Pets into Gifs to Help Them Find Homes