Sparky's Kibble Dance Will Make You Want a Corgi

Posted by Mateja Lane

You may want to bring a Corgi into your home, but now you'll want one even more. 

There's just something about those little legs...

Sparky is ready to win you over with his kibble dance, mainly so you will give him extra.

The best part is that Sparky does his dance after his food is already poured. It is almost like he does his happy dance to thank his human for feeding him. His pure joy cannot be contained as his little front legs hop up and down.

It seems like dog breeds go through different trends, and Welsh Corgis are definitely gaining popularity in households around the country. The AKC ranks the breed at 21. Corgis were originally used in Wales as herding dogs, as surprising as that sounds. Corgis, like heelers, nip the heels of cattle in order to keep them in line.

The way Sparky eats his kibble one by one shows his restraint, and he even plays with certain individual bits. Maybe he is herding them, true to his nature, into his mouth.

Do you have a Corgi? Show us in the comments below.

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Sparky's Kibble Dance Will Make You Want a Corgi