Sophisticated Canines: 12 Dogs Sitting Like Humans

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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It's a dog, it's a pooch, it's a...human?

Dogs are very good at being canines. But they're also very good at pretending to be humans.

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We scrounged up some hilarious photos of dogs caught sitting like people and narrated what we thought these pooches might be saying. Check it out!

"This bottle ain't big enough for the both of us."

"I suggested pantless Tuesdays, but the boss said, 'no,' so I stayed home and had pantless Tuesdays."

"Doggone kids always hiding the remote control."

"Did we say grace yet?"

"One day my princess will come."

"If I have to ask those kids one more time to stay off my lawn..."

"I just asked for five minutes, Rhonda. FIVE MINUTES!"

"Yeah, sure, I'll get those TPS reports to you by Friday."

"But what did he mean when he said 'covfefe'?"

"The service at this joint is despicable."

"And if you'll just hang a Larry at that next turn there..."

"Does this position make my butt look big?"

So there you have it: proof that dogs are great at pretending to be human. How accurate do you think we were in our thought narration?

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Sophisticated Canines: 12 Dogs Sitting Like Humans