Sookie the Blue Russian Cat Has a Purr That's out of This World

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Beautiful Sookie has a purr like none other.

Blue Russian Sookie has the silliest little purr.

Check it out, and make to watch with sound!

This chirpy little purr is guaranteed to make you smile and give you warm fuzzies no matter what kind of day you're having!

Imagine going home to that happy little purr each day.

Blue Russian Facts

Blue Russians are highly intelligent and form very strong bonds with their purr-son. They are a very friendly and reserved breed, saving the bulk of their personality for their favorite human.

These cats are extremely smart and have been known to be able to fetch and open doors. They are also very sensitive to human emotions.

Purr-fect Sound

Purring is the most common sound that cats make. However, these purrs can indicate a few different things, depending on the nature of the sound.

Cats will purr when they are content, but also when they are stressed. It is important to learn about feline body language so you can better decipher what your cat's sounds mean.

Cats can also chirp, growl, and hiss. These chirps from Sookie could mean a variety of emotions. She could be happy, or want attention. She could also be excessively content and letting you know just how happy she is you're home!

Chirping originates as a sound that mother cats use to get the attention of their kittens. Whether mom needs to alert them of danger or get them corralled and back in line, this sound is guaranteed to get the attention of anyone!

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Sookie the Blue Russian Cat Has a Purr That's out of This World