Sometimes Horses Make Poor Choices

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horses are highly intelligent, skilled, and agile - but that all goes out the window during the times when horses make poor choices. 

Your horse is the pride of your life. He's elegant, beautiful, and amazing. He can jump the moon and perform an extended trot that anyone would die to ride. Every sacrifice that you make in order to keep him is worth it. After all, he's perfect, right?

Just keep telling yourself that when horses make poor choices.

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As intelligent as horses are, sometimes they seem to forget that they have brains. In these moments when horses make poor choices, they can cause damage, injure themselves, and instantly make life 1,000 times more difficult for you.

At least that's what the horse in this video does when he decides to jump the arena fence. Just watch.

If the horse decided to leave, at least he could have made half an effort to actually get over the fence. It looks like someone will be doing some repair work around the farm!

As difficult as they make our lives sometimes, you have to admit that horses are worth all of the work. Yes, there are mornings of trudging through the mud and snow, and there are those days where your horse simply can't make the effort to walk in from the other side of the field.

And there will be times when your horse seems to forget everything that you've taught him about moving off your leg and traveling in a straight line and halting without looking like a giraffe. But still, it's worth it.

For every one of those moments where your horse makes poor choices, there are other moments where your horse reminds you of just how much you love him. There are the occasional perfect moments when you swear your horse can read your thoughts, and it all feels like magic.

Right before he decides to jump through the gate again.

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Sometimes Horses Make Poor Choices