Sometimes Even Pigs Need Rescuing

Posted by Allie Layos

This porcine proves that there is a need for shelters to serve more than dogs and cats.

Pattie and her friends Pickles and Paprika shared the same plight as many dogs and cats around the country; they were abandoned and ended up at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.

But this story is different than most rescue tales because Pattie is not a dog or cat, but a pot-bellied pig.

The Animal Rescue League took Pattie and her two canine friends in September, as well as a turtle that was abandoned along with them. According to shelter manager Sarah McKillip, Pattie and the dogs are great friends.

ABC News

"They hang out together all the time, sleep together, play with each other and even go for walks with each other," McKillip said in her interview with ABC News.

"Sometimes Pickles, the smaller one, will ride Pattie's back, and she'll walk around with him on top. It's hysterical!"

McKillip said that it was obvious from the moment they saw the animals that the pig and dogs had bonded, and they would not want to split them up when rehoming them. The turtle, however, was not attached to the others, and took up residence with one of the shelter employees.

ABC News

Since their rescue, Pattie and her pups have become local celebrities, even making their way onto the nightly news, and why not? It's a heartwarming story all around -- a sweet pig, her devoted pups, and a shelter that was willing to do whatever was needed to give them their second chance.

Should more shelters consider taking in larger animals like Pattie? It's worth some thought.

All photos via ABC News

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Sometimes Even Pigs Need Rescuing