Someone Isn't Allowed on the Bed, But How Can You Resist That Face?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Though this dog knows she isn't allowed on the bed, her adorable face just might change her owner's mind. 

Shelby knows she isn't allowed on the bed. Truly, she does. But at the same time, the bed is so soft, and the covers are so nice to roll around on. She can't resist, so Shelby hops up on the bed when she thinks no one is looking.

And then Shelby goes to town. She is absolutely delighted to be up on the bed. She rolls around and flops around and just has a great time. But when she gets caught?

You need to see her reaction for yourself.

Talk about a guilty dog! Shelby knows she isn't allowed on the bed, and she knows she's been caught. But could you really be mad at her for that cute reaction?

Whether or not you allow your dog on your bed is a decision that's personal for you. Some dog owners love having their dogs in bed with them, while others find it intrusive. Depending on your dog's behavior, having them in bed may make it difficult for you to sleep, especially if there isn't enough room in bed or if your dog is a bed hog.

It's best to make your decision and stick to it: Either your dog is allowed in bed or he isn't. Letting your dog in bed sometimes and then not allowing them up when it's bedtime is likely to confuse your dog. Instead, set a rule and be firm about it so that your dog can learn how to obey that rule.

Unless your dog is Shelby. Then you might find them rolling around in your bed, even though they know that it's not allowed.

Do you let your dog in the bed? Let us know in the comments below.

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