Someone in Virginia Is Shaving the Neighborhood Cats, and Owners Would Like Them to Stop

Posted by Amber King

Several cats in a small Virginia town are coming home with a troubling secret.

At least seven cat owners in the small town of Waynesboro in the Shenandoah Valley have reported that their indoor/outdoor felines have come home partially shaved. It seems to have started in December, and community residents are confused and alarmed about the unusual findings.

Waynesboro police captain Kelly Walker told The Roanoke Times that all of the shaved felines have been pets. They were wearing collars and unlikely to run away from meeting a stranger on the street. He also described the incidents as being targeted at the cats' stomachs, groins, and the areas near their hind legs.

shaving cats

One cat owner spoke with WHSV News about her concerns. She said;

"He's real skittish and he feels really weird around people. And something's happened to him, and so we looked, and he's been shaved underneath."

Her neighbor's cat came home with the strange new hair cut a few months ago, and now that her cat has also been affected, she's determined to find answers. She placed flyers up around the neighborhood urging anyone with information to come forward.

"Someone needs to be caught and people are more aware so they can watch for it and keep it from happening in their neighborhoods."

shaving cats flyer

Police, however, are unsure whether or not a crime has actually been committed. The act of catching a cat and allegedly holding it against its will while its stomach is shaved is alarming for both the animal and owner, but there are technically no laws against it.

Some on the police force also suggest the mysterious cat clipper could be checking to see if the felines are spayed or neutered. But considering the fact that some of the cats have been shaved multiple times, this theory doesn't add up.

Waynesboro Police Department is encouraging cat owners to keep track of their felines. They also ask anyone who has noticed suspicious behavior to come forward with their information.

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Someone in Virginia Is Shaving the Neighborhood Cats, and Owners Would Like Them to Stop