Someone Catches the Fact That an Indian Textbook Asks Students to Suffocate Kittens

Posted by Amber King
Delhi textbook encourages students to suffocate kittens
All images via Twitter/Lola Kuttiamma

Experimentation is a part of learning, but this fourth-grade textbook in Delhi takes it too far.

The science curriculum at a school in Delhi uses a book called "Our Green World" to teach students the difference between living and non-living things. It's a simple yet vital concept to understand, but the book takes an alarming approach to the lesson.

A photo recently surfaced online showing a page of the book that suggests an experiment students can use to demonstrate how living things need air to survive.  Most elementary-aged science experiments are harmless, but not this one. The book reads:

"Take two wooden boxes. Make holes on lid of one box. Put a small kitten in each box. Close the boxes. After some time open the boxes. What do you see? The kitten inside the box without the holes has died."

Encouraging children to suffocate kittens in the name of scientific experimentation doesn't sound real, but the book in question is used by students in the reputable Delhi school.

Delhi textbook encourages students to suffocate kittens

After the photo was posted to social media, it caught the attention of people around the world. It has since gone viral, and people are speaking out in surprise, disgust, and outrage. Many have already contacted Maneka Gandhi, an animal rights activist and Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, in an attempt to have the book removed from schools.

While there's no official news about what the school plans to do with the textbook, reached out to the company that published the book, Millennium Booksource. Director Dinesh Gupta said,

"We usually have an editing process in place, and though I am personally not aware of this sentence at the moment, if it's there we will get it removed. It shouldn't be there."

Meanwhile, on Twitter, people are spreading the story and demanding answers.

Warning some language NSFW:


You don't have to be a cat person or an animal lover to know encouraging children to abuse animals will cause serious psychological damage. Now that the world has taken notice, we have more questions. How long have students been using the book? And, why hasn't this been caught sooner?

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All images via Twitter/Lola Kuttiamma

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Someone Catches the Fact That an Indian Textbook Asks Students to Suffocate Kittens