Some Turtle Faces to Get You Through the Day

Posted by Mateja Lane

Turtles have equally inquisitive and goofy faces as any other pet. Here are some smiling turtles to help you through hard times. 

Sometimes you just need a turtle face to help evaluate your emotions and make you feel better.

Turtles are wise creatures and it's all about perspective. The turtle species has been around for about 157 million years, so a lot longer than us. These prehistoric creatures know a thing or two about life.

From Indonesia to Hawaii to New Guinea, here are some close-ups of ultra-inquisitive turtle faces that will cheer you up.

"I know exactly how you feel."

Hawksbill Sea Turtle underwater on ocean coral reef

"But life is grand! Cheer up!"

turtle smile
Pinterest/Deviant Art

"Just smile."

turtle smile
Blogspot/Scrapping Marley

"And watch me to forget all your problems!"

turtle face

"Stand up tall and face your issues head on!"


"You'll be ok, I promise."

turtle smile

"Lay here like this. It will make you feel better."

sea turtle
Cinema Blend

"Take my hand, we will escape to my island together."

painted turtle

"There's that smile..."

Aqualand Pets Plus

Feel better yet?

Yeah, turtles will do that to you.

From sea turtles to red-eared sliders, these turtle portraits will put a smile on your face. To see some different species of pet turtle, check out 10 Types of Turtles You Can Have as Pets.

Do you have a turtle? Show us in the comments!

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Some Turtle Faces to Get You Through the Day