Cats and Dogs Refuse Leashes Because They Can Walk Themselves, Thank You

Posted by Stacey Venzel

These dogs and cats want to go for a walk on their own terms--without a leash.

Dogs on leashes is a common sighting throughout the world. Cats on leashes are less rare. But even some canines would prefer to walk around without being tethered. Cats, of course, always prefer to do what they want.

We've seen animals do some pretty hilarious things, but these pets refusing to cooperate had us rolling around on the ground right along with them.

Many regions, communities, parks, and public or private places have rules about pets on leashes. Leashes offer the owner some control over the unpredictable nature of pets, but also keep the animals safe from darting into traffic or getting into fights.

Harnesses are a great alternative to collars if you're taking your pet on a leashed walk, especially if he or she doesn't want to cooperate. Collars can act as a choking hazard, cutting off the air supply by applying pressure to the trachea when pulled. Collars can also be painful, leading to vertebral diseases like IVDD.

But these cats and dogs look like they managed to handle their own just fine.

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