Finally, We Get to See What Cats Do When Home Alone

Posted by Paige Cerulli
what cats do when home alone

Here's a fun cat's-eye view of just what your cat is up to when left home alone. 

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when he's left home alone? One cat owner got curious about their cats' activities and attached a GoPro to each cat, then left the house. The result is a video taken from a cat's perspective which chronicles what really happens when your cat is home alone.

Now be prepared - the video gets a little unstable when the cat moves, so if you're highly motion-sensitive, you'll want to watch this video in small clips. But it's neat to see what your cat sees, and just what he does at home when you're not around.

Are you worried about your cat being lonely when left home alone? One way to solve that issue is to get a second cat. When introduced correctly and gradually, many cats can bond and become good buddies. With multiple cats in your home, you'll know that your cat always has companionship, even when you're not around.

If bringing in a second cat isn't an option, then you might get some special toys for your cat which you only leave out when you're not at home. This can increase your cat's interest in them, encouraging him to play.

Remember, though, that cats spend most of their time sleeping. Even if it seems like your cat might miss you when he's home alone, chances are he'll spend most of his time snoozing until you return. He has to be well rested for those 2 a.m. sprints throughout the house, after all!

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Finally, We Get to See What Cats Do When Home Alone