Snoring Horse Is Someone You Wouldn't Want to Share a Bed With

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you ever hear a tremendous groaning sound coming from the pasture, don't panic - it may just be a snoring horse. 

What's that sound? A cow? A whale? Nope, not even close. It's a snoring horse. Unless you spend a lot of time around horses, you might not be aware that they sometimes snore. Generally when horses snore, they're pretty quiet.

It's also unlikely that you'll hear a horse snore, since horses spend little time actually in a deep sleep, especially if people are around. They often sleep on their feet for most of the time, occasionally lying down to get quality rest when they feel safe.

But then again, the snoring horse in this video is clearly no average horse. He and his buddy both snore incredibly loudly. Really, you have to hear it to believe it, so check out this funny video.

These horses don't hesitate to kick back, relax, and take a great nap. The sun is clearly warm, and it looks like they're taking advantage of nap time. When horses lie down in open spaces like their paddocks, one horse will usually stand guard over the others. This is instinctual and is a behavior that horses would present when they lived in the wild; the guard horse watched for predators and alerted the other horses in case of danger.

When horses lie down, they're at their most vulnerable. As a prey animal, a horse's main defense is his speed and his ability to escape from a predator. It takes time for a horse to get up when he's lying down, though.

If your horse lets you approach him when he's resting on the ground, it indicates that he puts a lot of trust in you. Just be careful, though, that you don't startle a sleeping horse - he could kick out and accidentally hurt you.

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Snoring Horse Is Someone You Wouldn't Want to Share a Bed With