This Snake Looks Like That Cool Guy with the Sunglasses and Mustache

Posted by Jason Sarna
snake sunglasses and mustache
Photo by Karlie Gray via Twitter

Meet the chillest snake in all of Texas!

It's common knowledge that guys with mustaches and sunglasses look cool. The same goes for reptiles with mustaches and sunglasses.

Yes, you heard me correctly: reptiles with mustaches and sunglasses. Now, it's not every day you see a reptile sporting a mustache and wearing a pair of sunglasses, as most reptiles cannot grow facial hair and don't have money to spend on stylish eyewear, but this lucky Western rat snake was born with some "cool" genes.

snake with sunglasses and mustache

Photographer Karlie Gray was the lucky lady who spotted the cool Western rat snake. And when Texas Parks and Wildlife got a hold of the photos, they wasted no time posting the great pics to the Texas State Parks Twitter account:

Some reptiles, like people, are just born cool. It's not fair, but hey, that's life. To compensate for  a lack of coolness, most men (hipsters?) grow ironic mustaches and purchase a pair of sunglasses, and BANG - instant cool! This works for most men; however, some men cannot grow good-looking mustaches, and therefore, will never obtain the level of "cool" a man who can grow a good-looking mustache can obtain.

This is why the fake mustache was invented: to give that guy whose mustache doesn't grow in so well the opportunity to feel what it feels like to be that cool guy with sunglasses and mustache. But a fake mustache is temporary, and once the adhesive wears away, the man whose mustache doesn't grow in so well reverts back to his uncool nature. If only all men were as lucky as this cool Western rat snake with some envious facial markings.

What do you think of this cool hipster snake? Let us know in the comments section!

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This Snake Looks Like That Cool Guy with the Sunglasses and Mustache