Snake Handler Found Dead with Python Outside Its Cage

Posted by Amber King
dan brandon snake handler
The Sun

A pet python is the prime suspect in the death of a known snake handler.

Dan Brandon was found dead in his home in Hampshire, England with "serious injuries" that are so far unexplained. The only clue to the man's death is a pet snake that was found outside its cage.

Brandon owned several snakes, and the snake in question is a python with the potential to grow up to 25 feet long.

python wrapped around man

On Monday, local authorities told The Sun that the coroner's report determined Brandon died of asphyxiation, but it's still under investigation as to whether the snake is involved.

Despite the evidence, friends of Brandon's believe the snake is innocent. They say Brandon loved his snakes, and his social media profiles show countless pictures of him with his pets.

man holding snake

Despite the evidence pointing toward the snake, officials report there has never been a case of a python killing a human in Britain.

While large and intimidating, pythons are constrictors that generally only kill what they plan on eating. An escaped python killed two boys in Canada in 2013, and another killed a man in Indonesia last year, but Brandon's friends say there's no reason for a pet snake to kill its handler and leave the body to be found by officials.

With no witnesses besides a room full of reptiles, Brandon's family and friends are waiting on the results of the investigation.

In the meantime, a JustGiving page has been set up in Brandon's honor. The money raised will be donated to the World Wide Fund for Nature in support of Brandon's passion for exotic pets.

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Snake Handler Found Dead with Python Outside Its Cage