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Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: A Clever Way To Prevent Chowing Down


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A slow-feeder dog bowl will help your pup from gobbling up his meals too quickly. This is an excellent product for helping digestion and diet.

We've all been there. The moment where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. Try as we might, we have full intentions of eating everything on our plate and as quickly as possible. This feast or famine mentality can cause a wealth of health problems, including diabetes, chronic pain, bloating, indigestion, heart problems, and bloating.

None of these are good for human health. And they certainly aren't good for dogs. Unless your pet has an active lifestyle with plenty of heart-healthy exercises, chances are he's never going to burn off all the additional food he consumes so quickly. This is where a slow feeder bowl for your dog comes in handy.


Benefits of a Slow Feeder Bowl

Fast eaters can quickly consume more than the cups of food they are permitted each day. Dog owners are not always aware that these eating habits can be dangerous to their pooch. Slow eating vs. fast-eating makes all the difference in your pet's digestion. Even if you have a large dog, don't be fooled.

Slow feeding is still the best way to prevent bloating. If you want the best dog, you need to help him look and feel great. Change your doggy's eating habits with a slow feeder pet bowl and see the world of difference it can make.

Best Slow Feeding Dog Bowls

Best for Small Dogs

1. Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Small/Tiny, Pink 

This non-slip fun feeder is PVC and BPA-free and can slow food consumption up to 10x.

Best for Playtime (and Eating)

2. FASOON Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy - Treat Dispensing Dogs Slow Feeder Increase IQ Pet Dog Training Games Feeder Interactive Pet Supplies

He's going to have to work for his dry food in this puzzle feeder dog bowl. This happy marriage between eating and playing with a dog toy is not only interactive, it will keep calories in check.


Best Overall

3. OurPets DuraPet Slow Feeder Dog Bowls - Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl (Durable Dog Bowls, Slow Feeder Dog Bowls, Dog Food Bowl & Dog Water Bowl) Great Alternative to Ceramic Dog Bowls & Snuffle Mat 

Dog owners will appreciate improving their pets improved eating habits with this stainless steel dog food bowl. As you can see, there's no open center. That means he can't gobble at high speeds. Your pooch is going to have to work around the rim with this one. It's one of the best dog bowls we've seen on Amazon. (You can also use it as a cat bowl.)

Best No-Spill Design

4. LumoLeaf Dog Slow Feeder Mat with Stainless Steel Bowl, 17 oz, All in One BPA Free No Spill Pet Slow Feeder Mat (Grey) 

Another best slow feeder from Amazon is this stainless steel dog dish, including a BPA-free no-spill feeder mat. This non-skid mat will keep mealtime fun and clean for everyone. No extra kibble for pet owners to pick up is a total bonus.

Best Under $9

5. Our Pets Aroma Dome Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Vented Insert (Turn Any Dog Bowls, Elevated Dog Bowls, Dog Dish, or Raised Dog Bowls into a Dog Bowl Slow Feeder just add Dog Treats or Dog Food) 

He's bound to keep his nose on the prize with this one. Encourage your dog to slow down by placing his favorite snack below the vented dome. He will get the tasty treat when you lift the lid after he's finished all his nutritious dry food.

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