A Slipping Saddle Is No Problem for This Talented Rider

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The last thing you want in the middle of a jumping round is a slipping saddle, but this rider deals incredibly well with the situation. 

You're flying around the fences of a timed jumping round, and all is going well until you feel your saddle suddenly slip to one side. You recover, but the saddle continues to slip down your horse's side as he canters on.

No rider ever wants to face a potentially dangerous slipping saddle, but that's just what happened to the rider in this video - and she continued on with the rest of her round.

There's something to be said about excellent balance and leg strength. After all, that's what kept this talented young rider aboard. Not only did she manage to stay on for the rest of the course despite the slipping saddle, she also managed to let her horse jump the last fences without restricting him, leading to a clear - and fast - round.

It looks like all of that work in two-point and without stirrups has paid off!

Want to prevent this situation from happening to you? Then make sure to tighten and double-check your girth every time before you mount up. To be even safer, tighten your girth and hand-walk your horse around the ring for one lap, then re-tighten the girth if it needs it.

This allows the horse to relax and lets the saddle settle so that you can accurately assess how tight the girth is.

In some cases, you may need a little extra help to keep your saddle in place. A breastplate can help to keep your saddle from sliding backwards, but make sure that the breastplate is appropriately adjusted so that your horse cannot get caught up in it.

If your saddle still slides to the side, then it's time to check the saddle's fit. A poorly fitting saddle can slip and slide, so it may be time to find a new saddle for your horse.

Be safe when you ride - and remember to practice riding without stirrups, just in case!

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A Slipping Saddle Is No Problem for This Talented Rider