Skunk Fest: Festival in Ohio That Celebrates Pet Skunks

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Fearless noses unite for the annual Skunk Fest!

On September 9, 2017, North Ridgeville, Ohio held a fest unlike any other: Skunk Fest.

According to, the event is a fundraiser for Skunk Haven, a domestic skunk rescue and education organization in North Ridgeville.

Deb Cipriani, owner of Skunk Haven, estimated about 1,000 visitors at the event throughout the day, including people from all over the country.

Animal friendly vendors and other rescue groups were present as well at Skunk Fest, held at South Central Park. The event also featured games, raffles, a deejay, and plenty of skunk lovers.

Cipriani first became interested in skunks on a camping trip in the early 1980s. During the night she awoke to a noise outside the tent. When she went outside to investigate, she met a family of skunks.

"I sat at a picnic table," she said, "and just visited with them."

None of the skunks sprayed her and she didn't know why. Becoming intrigued with the creatures, she started to rescue skunks.

When Cipriani's mother died in 2000, she bought her first skunk in a pet store to "fill the void." And in 2001, Skunk Fest was started as a picnic with only 20 friends.

The Skunk Haven official website is filled with all sorts of useful information from basic skunk care to skunk first aid. Cipriani invites everyone to consider supporting her cause of helping to rescue these unusual pets that "just have a bad reputation."

Have you ever attended Skunk Fest? Are you a pet skunk owner? Tell us about the experience in the comments section below!

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Skunk Fest: Festival in Ohio That Celebrates Pet Skunks