Six-Year-Old Says Goodbye to Her Life-Long Dog and It Will Break Your Heart

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images by Caters News via Daily Mail

These photos capturing the moments when this six-year-old girl says goodbye to her life-long dog are beautiful, emotional, and poignant. 

Six-year-old Lynn Bakker and her bulldog, Jaden, were inseparable. Bakker had known Jaden all of her life, and the two shared the special kind of bond that life-long dogs only have with children.

Jaden allowed Bakker to curl up with him and even dress him up with accessories. The two spent lots of time together and were best friends.


But Jaden was 13, and Bakker's father, Jeffrey, knew the dog's time was growing short. So Mr. Bakker set out to capture his daughter's bond with Jaden in photographs, so she'd have them to look at and remember.

Mr. Bakker's photographs went viral, and were even published in magazines and newspapers. There's something so touching about the young girl and her old dog.


Mr. Bakker's last photography session captured Lynn saying her final goodbyes to Jaden. By that time, Jaden was deaf, almost blind, and couldn't walk; it was clearly time to let him go.

Mr. Bakker took Jaden to the vet and had him put to sleep; Jaden died one day after Lynn's birthday. The last photo in the series captures Lynn stroking Jaden's head moments before the dog passed away.


Photos can be valuable mementos when our pets pass away. They remind us of the good times and the bonds that we share with our pets. Be sure that you take some photos of your pets today, even if they're young.

One day you'll be grateful that you took the time and that you have those photos to remember your pet with. Mr. Bakker has given his daughter a beautiful gift by capturing these incredible photos of her with her life-long dog. They're surely something that she will treasure for the rest of her life.

All images by Caters News via Daily Mail

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Six-Year-Old Says Goodbye to Her Life-Long Dog and It Will Break Your Heart