Six-Year-Old Can't Speak But He Signs to His Deaf Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel
sign language boy and deaf dog
All photos via Brandi Guillet/Facebook

Non-speaking boy and his deaf dog are perfect companions.

Six-year-old Connor Guillet and his three-year-old boxer Ellie are besties. They complete each other's sentences, even though neither uses Webster's dictionary to communicate.

Connor's mom, Brandi of Cocoa, Florida, adopted the child when he was only four weeks old. At the time, the newborn was addicted to opiates. Brandi knew raising Connor would be anything but normal, but she opened her heart to him.

The boy's history caused severe physical, psychological, and emotional trauma which caused Conner to become mute. He has been diagnosed with a myriad of conditions and disabilities, including autism and chromosome-based DiGeorge syndrome.

sign language boy and deaf dog

Speech therapy has helped Connor learn sign language, though stunted motor development still makes signing a struggle.

Just before Christmas in 2016, Jon Nowlin of Coastal Boxer Rescue in Florida reached out to the family. An eight-year-old deaf boxer, Ellie, was at the shelter. She only follows commands via sign language. The rescue thought they would be a perfect match.

Brandi and her son met with Ellie the day after hearing from Jon, and the rest is history. What started out as a tentative fostering of Ellie quickly turned into adoption; the papers will be signed this coming Thursday.

The two are able to communicate with each other and Brandi Guillet recently posted the image of Connor and Ellie together on the Facebook page Deaf Dogs Rock. She says that the relationship is mutually symbiotic and that is what is most beautiful.


The most BEAUTIFUL part of this adoption is my son and his dog can actually talk to each other!
I highly encourage adoption of deaf dogs ... She is such a perfect addition to our family. We have been blessed with Ellie ?

All photos via Brandi Guillet/Facebook.

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Six-Year-Old Can't Speak But He Signs to His Deaf Dog