Six-Legged Dog Adopted by Bullied Teen: Best Friends

Posted by Christy Caplan

Did you hear about this pooch before reading this headline? This puppy was born was two extra legs and needed a forever home. Roo, an eight-week-old Labrador-cross, jumps around on her back paws because she was born with two extra front legs!

The Gazette Standard has the scoop and we're so happy to get an update on this six-legged puppy. Lauren Salmon bought Roo from breeders in Essex two weeks ago after her son Luke, 15, spotted the special pup online. An interview with Salmon tells us that are absolutely in love with Roo.

"We absolutely love Roo to pieces. She's is just a normal dog to us - just with a couple of extra bits. Her special legs don't cause her any pain, and it's easy to see just how full of life she is. She's full of puppy energy, so we'd describe her as placid but playful."

The story doesn't end here though.

Salmon's son Luke suffers from psoriasis and has been bullied because of the disorder which leaves the skin covered in flaky red patches. Roo reduces Luke's stress about his condition.

"Luke feels like the odd one out because of his condition, and now he's got a best friend to match."

What a great story about this bullied teen and this disabled pup.

They are now best friends!

This rare condition that Luke has must be very difficult for a young boy to deal with at school. I think it's horrible he is bullied for this skin condition and I hope Roo helps him copy and manages daily life better.

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Six-Legged Dog Adopted by Bullied Teen: Best Friends