Six Horse Grooming Tips for a Show Ring Shine

Posted by Allie Layos

Your horse is a star and these grooming tips can help him look like one.

What makes a horse's coat glow? Some of it is nutrition, but a lot of it is plain old grooming. A good grooming involves more than just a few swipes with a body brush.

If you can give your horse a bath, all the better; but if not, these horse care tips should get him looking great anyway.

Start with a good clip job.

The best grooming in the world still looks sloppy if your horse has shaggy, winter hair. With few exceptions, you will want to clip the muzzle, bridle path, ears, and chin as well as the lower legs.

If you don't want to clip that much of the legs, at least clean up the straggly horse hairs around the coronary band.

Horse Journals
Horse Journals

Utilize the power of the curry or shedding blade.

Curry combs and shedding blades both help remove loose hair and dirt, and you should always start your grooming with one of these tools.

You can follow this up with a hard brush, then a soft brush or toweling to really bring out a shine.

Avoid brushing or combing the tail.

This probably goes against every instinct, but if you want your horse to have a nice, long flowing tail, you shouldn't brush or comb it, as both of these actions break the delicate tail hairs.

Instead, learn the art of "picking" a tail. Grasp the tail in one hand and with the other hand carefully separate just a few hairs at a time from the rest until you have worked your way through detangling the entire tail.

Not only will it break fewer hairs, it will also give the tail more body.

Don't forget the less obvious areas.

The horse's coat is not the only part that needs to be cleaned. Be sure to wipe your horse's nose with a towel, clean underneath the tail with a damp sponge, dab some rubbing alcohol on a small rag, and wipe out the inside of the ears.

I Love My Healthy Pet
I Love My Healthy Pet

Have the right products.

Products can't make a dirty horse look clean on their own, but they can certainly make a clean coat sparkle. This can make all the difference when grooming, especially if you are preparing your horse for the show ring.

Absorbine is a staple for show barns, offering products like their SuperShine hoof black and ShowSheen spray. Orvus soap and baby oil are also good things to have on hand.

Be ready to use some elbow grease.

While good products and grooming tools can help you out, at the end of the day nothing can replace good old-fashioned elbow grease, so remember this as you go through your grooming routine. Horses are big animals, so put some strength into it for best results!

Your horse is always a star to you. With these daily grooming tips, he'll look like one to everyone else, too!

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Do you have any more grooming tips to add? Tell us in the comments below!

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Six Horse Grooming Tips for a Show Ring Shine