Site Scams People Who Think They Are Buying Their Pets Plane Tickets

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Buying your pets plane tickets? There's a scam website out there that you need to be sure to avoid. 

Delta Air Lines has filed a federal lawsuit against a website that allegedly scams people into thinking they are purchasing their pets plane tickets with Delta Air Lines.

The site,, includes photos of Delta planes as well as Delta's logo. However, according to Delta, the site isn't associated with the airline and does not have permission to use such materials.

The website includes information about pet transportation and animal shipping services, even going as far as to market bogus pet plane tickets. However, once pet owners purchase the tickets, they'll find themselves out of their money and without actual services to transport their pets.

At this point it's unknown who is behind the bogus site. It was built earlier this year, but uses a service that conceals the identity of the person who created the domain. The site has a fake mailing address and includes a phone number with an area code that doesn't exist in the United States. Delta's lawsuit notes that it will determine the site's owner(s) through investigation.

If you need to transport your pet, the best thing to do is purchase a plane ticket directly from an airline's website. Using a third-party site or ticket dealer opens you up to potentially buying overpriced tickets or tickets that don't work at all.

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Site Scams People Who Think They Are Buying Their Pets Plane Tickets