Sioux Falls Building Collapses, Dog Found in Rubble Alive Days Later

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Sioux Falls building collapse
Photo courtesy of Sioux Falls Police Department via Grand Forks Herald.

Two days after the collapse of a historic Sioux Falls building, rescue workers pulled a dog out of the rubble.

The 100-year-old building was undergoing renovations when it fell from its bearings on Friday. The collapse trapped a number of people inside, and killed a construction worker, Ethan McMahon.

A full two days later, the emergency manager overseeing the site, Regan Smith, heard faint barking coming from the rubble.

It took crews 20 minutes to remove the rubble and debris from the area where they heard the barking. Finally, they located the dog, a Beagle named Molly, pinned under a mattress.

Molly belongs to 22-year-old Emily Fodness, who was rescued from the site on Friday. Fodness, whose two other dogs were found after the collapse, was hospitalized and later released the same day.

When rescue crews began excavating the wreckage in search of the barking dog, they contacted the Fodness family.

The tearful family arrived with blankets and water in hand. When crews finally removed Molly, her family welcomed her with open arms.

Molly was handed over to animal control to be treated following her ordeal.

Smith sees Molly's rescue as the silver lining in an otherwise devastating situation.

"It made for a really nice scene. It's still a tragedy, but at least it was a little bit better of a day," he told the Grand Forks Herald.

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Sioux Falls Building Collapses, Dog Found in Rubble Alive Days Later