Yicat (Set of 3) Pet Bed, Quilt and Pillow

Sleeping Purrty: Best Cat Beds You Can Buy Online


There's nothing better than a comfy bed at the end of a long day, and these best cat beds on Amazon are sure to help win your cat's heart. 

We all know that cats love to sleep. They also have a way of taking over your favorite chair, your place on the sofa, or even your bed. Then you feel guilty about moving them since they're so cute and so deeply asleep. But don't worry, we have a solution - the very best cat beds available.

Even though your cat may sleep in that box that just came in the mail, you'll still want to check out these cat condos and cat trees. We've found the best cat beds on Amazon for easy pet product shopping.

Get gifts for all of the cat lovers on your list in one place, and don't forget to get your cats a special bed, too.

Cute Cat Beds

1. OxGord 2-in-1 Cat Pet Bed Tunnel Fleece Tube

This luxury cat bed does double duty, serving as a bed and as a fun tunnel that your cat can play in. It's made of thermo-reflective material which bounces your cat's body heat back to him, making for a warm place to snuggle.


2. KittiKubbi - Cat Bed Cave (Large) - Felted from 100% Natural Wool - Handmade pod for cats and kittens/strong>

This is a super cute cat bed. It's made of wool which has been hand felted to create this pod, cat cave shape. Your cat can curl up inside, and the wool will keep him warm in the winter but cool in the summer.

3. Grey Shark Cave Bed 

Want to have a little fun with your cat? Then consider this shark cat bed. The bed has plenty of padding for extra comfort, and it reflects your cat's body heat back at him for increased warmth.

Plus, this bed makes for some fun photo opportunities.

4. Yicat (Set of 3) Pet Bed, Quilt and Pillow

Is your cat treated like royalty in your home? Then it's time to get your refined feline a bed fit for a queen.

This stylish cat bed even comes with a quilt and a pillow so your majestic pet can be ready to relax in the lap of luxury.

5. K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House (Heated & Unheated)

If your kitty spends time outside during the winter, or if you know a feral cat who could use a comfortable sleeping space, this bed and cat house combo might be the perfect solution.

This bed is available in both a heated and unheated style. The heated cat beds are a great choice for any cat who spends time outside each winter. It will give dog houses a run for their money!

6. Armarkat Burrow Pet Cat Beds for Cats and Small Dogs

Is there anything more cozy looking than this soft fleece burrow bed? Fully machine washable, this cat bed is a great choice for the cat who likes to burrow his way under your blankets and sheets and hide his cat toys in the corners. You can even put it on the lowest level of the cat tree!

7. K&H Manufacturing EZ Mount Window Bed

Does your feline friend love to watch the birds from the windows? Then this window bed, which attaches using suction cups, might be the perfect place for him. He can nap in his sunny seat and watch the outside world, all from his bed.

8. Self-Cooling Pet Bed


Growing up, there was nothing more comfortable than chilling in the fort you made with blankets. I think your cat would feel that same feeling of protection in this tent bed. It seems like a fun hideaway for cat naps! It's self-cooling, which means it's perfect for Summer. Maybe a self-warming cat bed for the Fall?

9. Pet Craft Supply Co. Warming Cat Bed

This high-quality memory foam bed is machine washable. Good luck trying to get it in the washer though, I think your cat is going to have trouble leaving this bed. It looks so warm and comfortable!

10. Luxury Faux Pet Bed

If Paris Hilton had a cat, this is what she would sleep on. Fancy Nancy.

It also works as a dog bed for smaller ones.

11. Flamingo Cat Bed

So adorable! Your kitty will love their new flamingo bed. Going with a nice fuzzy warm bed for Winter is great, but this would be a trendy bed for Summer.

12. Fitlyiee Pet Bed

Purrrfect for your fur baby who is as sweet as strawberries!

13. Mounted Cat Bed

If you have a cat that loves the sun's warm rays, they'll love this cute cat bed. If they're like me, maybe go with something like the next one on the list.

14. Cat Cave Bed

Cat cave beds look so dark and cozy! I have blackout curtains in the room and try to avoid sunlight during my naps. If I was a cat, this would be my bed.

15. Cat Hammock Bed

If you don't want a cat bed in your room or don't want one taking floor space from your home decor, this is a great alternative. I also think cats that love pouncing on cat perches would love a good exercise to get into bed. Perfect for a modern cat bed look.

Whether you're buying a cat bed for your own cat or to give as a gift, these great beds are sure to make some cats very, very happy. So happy that your pet dog may be jealous.

This post was originally published on November 25, 2016.

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