Silly Cat Is a Little Possessive of the Bed Sheets

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Making the bed may seem like a simple task, but if you have this cat at home, you're going to have to fight him for the bed sheets. 

Cats are notorious for loving bed sheets. They like to jump on them and play with them. They find it even more fun to hide under the sheets whenever you make the bed. But this cat takes things to a new level - he gets a bit possessive of the bed sheets.

We've got to hand it to him - he's wicked cute, even if he is hogging the sheets. But can you imagine trying to sleep with him in the bed? You'd never have any sheets to yourself. Take a look!

Many cats are quite happy to peacefully share your bed with you, if you let them. But before you let your cat start sleeping in your bed, you'll want to set some ground rules. For instance, is your cat allowed to sleep up by your head, or is that not allowed? You'll want to be firm with these rules from the start, so your cat can start to learn what is and isn't allowed.

If your cat sleeps with you, then stay on top of trimming his claws. An absent-minded stretch during the night can scratch your arms or your face. Trim your cat's claws every few weeks, or as often as you need to in order to keep them short enough so that you're not easily scratched.

Hopefully your cat isn't anywhere near as possessive of the sheets as the cat in this video is!

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Silly Cat Is a Little Possessive of the Bed Sheets