Show Jumper Proves He Doesn't Need a Rider to Finish the Course

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Sometimes it seems as if horses are just as competitive as their riders, and in the video below, this show jumper proves that it's true. 

Show jumping is a fast-paced sport where all that matters is that you get over the jumps cleanly. No points are deducted for your style, but the fences are large and the courses are full of tight turns.

Generally it's expected that the horse carries their rider over the fences, and that the rider helps to rate the horse, steer him, and encourage him over fences. But in the case of this show jumper, the rider is clearly an option, not a necessity.

When the rider falls off in this video, the horse takes on the rest of the course by himself. He's excited and in the groove, and you can't help but be entertained by his enthusiastic jumping.

In fact, he's quite determined not to be caught, and the massive fences don't stop him at all - he clears them with ease. Many horses actually have an easier time jumping without a rider on board, and this jumper seems to jump for the pure joy of it.

This video is also a great example of how to handle a loose horse. The rider jumps right back up after her fall, and she and the grounds crew set about trying to catch the horse. No one panics or lunges after the horse, which could only excite him more. Everyone stays fairly patient, trying to direct the horse into a smaller space where he's likely to come down to a trot and to potentially approach a person.

In the end, food gets the job done.

If you ever have to catch a loose horse, it's important to stay calm. If the horse is loose in the open, try to get others to help you block any exits which lead out onto roads. Grab some feed and shake it loudly in a bucket while casually approaching the horse.

If the horse moves away, then stay still - don't run after him. Approach again slowly, and try to get hold of the horse's reins or halter. Stay aware of how you're positioned next to the horse - some horses will try to pull away or kick out, so make sure that you stay safe.

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Show Jumper Proves He Doesn't Need a Rider to Finish the Course