Show Jumping Horse Isn't Done Yet and Decides to Add in an Extra Fence

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When show jumper Seringat was feeling good, he couldn't help but make the jumping course one fence longer than it actually was. 

Sometimes you'll find horses that really, really love their jobs. These are the horses that will go the extra mile, and that will always put in a top performance. When show jumping rider Cian O'Connor and his horse, Seringat, tackled the CSIO 4* on March 5, the exuberant show jumper just couldn't resist adding in an extra fence.

O'Connor pushed Seringat through the final fence, urging the horse to gallop through the timers. But he didn't calculate how close Seringat's surge would bring them to the side of the arena. Seringat saw the arena fence as another (albeit smaller) jump in the course, and happily hopped right out, to O'Connor's surprise.

You can see the footage below.

In most cases, jumping out of the arena would result in a disqualification for a show jumper. However, O'Connor and Seringat had already passed through the timers designating the end of the course by the time that they left the ring. Luckily for the pair, they were allowed to continue on in the competition.

While the pair didn't win the event, we bet this is a round that O'Connor won't soon forget. The pair definitely gave the audience some unexpected entertainment, as their exit from the ring placed them on the green right in front of spectators.

You never know what to expect when heading out for a ride, even when you're a top show jumper.

What do you think of this eager horse? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Show Jumping Horse Isn't Done Yet and Decides to Add in an Extra Fence