Iowa Show Dogs Die After Being Left in Hot Transport Van

Posted by Krissy Howard
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Three show dogs have sadly died of heat exposure after having been locked inside a hot car in Iowa last weekend. 

A dog show co-sponsored by the American Kennel Club ended in tragedy last weekend when three dogs died of heat exposure after being left inside a transport van in Ottumwa, Iowa, where temperatures were said to have reached the high 80s.

Four dogs consisting of Chihuahuas, and Chinese Crested dogs, were being transported to the event by a handler (who was not AKC certified,) when at some point they were left inside the van. Although all was said to have taken place on Saturday, a call to police wasn't received until the next day.

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"The incident involved four dogs which were locked in a vehicle and were suffering from heat exposure," police chief Tom McAndrew explained in a written press release.

"It was reported that two dogs were found deceased at the scene and a third dog was transported to a local veterinary clinic where it later died. The fourth dog survived."

Heat Kills

Chief McAndrew went on to explain that the intent of the handler did not appear to be malicious and that an investigation is under way. No charges have been filed at this time.

"At some point, there may have been a mechanical problem with the vehicle," he said in an interview with KCCI News.

"The dogs weren't locked in a car without air conditioning. We believe the AC was probably on and there was a mechanical failure with the vehicle."

Accidental or not the fact remains -- dogs, when left unattended in hot cars, can and do die, so it is up to us to be responsible pet owners and step up for those who can't speak for themselves. Check out these helpful tips in case you find a pet in a hot car.

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Iowa Show Dogs Die After Being Left in Hot Transport Van