Hot Debate: Should People Stop Dressing up Their Dogs?

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While dogs wearing clothes may be cute, should we really be dressing up our dogs? 

Dressing up dogs has always been popular, but lately it seems like the idea is more and more of a trend. You see dogs dressed up everywhere, from dogs wearing pajamas to dogs wearing shirts and sweaters. Apparently some dogs have quite the impressive wardrobe.

But this video raises an important question: What if dogs don't want to be dressed up? Should we stop dressing up dogs?

Take a look at the footage and see what you think. The puppy wearing a scarf certainly isn't fond of the idea.

I'm not sure that whether or not we should stop dressing up dogs is a simple yes or no question. The answer is probably in the grey matter somewhere in between. For instance, if a dog is recovering from surgery or has had his coat shaved, he may need a coat or sweater of some type to keep him warm in freezing temperatures. And some dogs proudly wear clothing items like bandannas, getting excited when their owners put them on.

Perhaps the answer needs to be based on each dog's comfort level. If your dog is uncomfortable or just doesn't like wearing clothing, that should give you your answer. If your dog seems unbothered by clothing, then he's probably doing okay. Dogs are pretty good at letting us know what they do and don't like.

But if you do opt to put clothing on your dog, please keep safety in mind. Never leave your dog wearing clothes unsupervised, in case he gets hung up in them. Monitor your dog's body temperature, too. Remember, dogs in their natural coats likely don't need extra human-made clothes to keep them warm. Adding on too many layers can make your dog too warm.

So, dressing up dogs? It's a choice that's probably best left to each dog owner, since they know their dogs better than anyone else.

Do you dress up your dog? Let us know or show us in the comments below!

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Hot Debate: Should People Stop Dressing up Their Dogs?