Shiba Inu Is Equally Terrified and Intrigued by Fidget Spinner

Posted by TF Oren

There's at least one creature on the planet who's firmly NOT on board with the fidget spinner craze.

Banana, a Shiba Inu, has a less than rave review to give about this supposedly stress-relieving toy.

The toy is said to provide a pleasing distraction and a release of nervous energy. Unfortunately, it seems to have the opposite effect on Banana, who does not see the appeal.

Whatever your relationship - or lack thereof - with the fidget spinner, you're guaranteed to de-stress by watching this:

Stress-relieving, shmess-relieving. Does that look like a relaxed customer? Not so much.

Poor Banana. It's tough when all the toys are out to get you. Click here to follow more of  Banana's adventures on YouTube.

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What do you think of Banana's tormented relationship with the oh-so-popular fidget spinner? Let us know in the comments section!

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Shiba Inu Is Equally Terrified and Intrigued by Fidget Spinner