Shelter Pets Picking out Their Christmas Presents Will Make You Miss the Holidays

Posted by Paige Cerulli

These shelter pets had a great time picking out their own Christmas presents.

Christmas is a time to be with your family. But shelter pets haven't found their families yet. That's why the Animal Rescue League of Iowa decided to give homeless pets an extra-special treat: They got to pick out their very own Christmas presents.

With tons of dog and cat toys to choose from, these shelter pets got to pick out something special that they liked. The presents were all piled up under a Christmas tree, and these pets clearly had a great time. Just watching the video will fill you with warm fuzzies and make you excited for next Christmas already - check it out!

While Christmas may have passed, pets in shelters still need your help. If you can't adopt a pet yourself, then do what you can to promote adoption. Consider volunteering for a local rescue, and encourage your friends and family to adopt a pet.

Don't forget that fostering a pet is also an option. With all of the kittens that will be arriving this spring, shelters will need good foster homes to care for pets and to even take in litters of kittens. Fostering can help to prepare a pet for life in a home, giving them a better chance of being adopted. Plus, you get to spend some quality time with a pet.

Not able to foster or volunteer? Then please donate to a local shelter. You can donate money, pet food, pet supplies, and even old blankets and towels which will be used to help keep pets comfortable and to bed down cages. There are tons of ways to make a difference.

WATCH NOW: Christmas Doggos Bring Joy

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Shelter Pets Picking out Their Christmas Presents Will Make You Miss the Holidays