Georgia Shelter Offers Sleepovers for More Incentive to Adopt

Posted by Paige Cerulli
shelter sleepovers
All photos courtesy of the Lifeline Animal Project

The Lifeline Animal Project may have come up with a new strategy to drive more dog adoptions: sleepovers. 

It can be difficult to encourage families to adopt a dog, especially if that dog is a breed with a bad reputation like a pit bull. The Lifeline Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia knows that well. The shelter had been offering a Dog for a Day program so that people interested in adopting could take a dog with them for the day to get a sense of what life with the dog might be like. But then they came up with an even better idea: sleepovers.

The rescue dressed up one of their shelter dogs, a pit bull named Paul Anka, in pajamas and they had a photoshoot to promote the sleepover idea. They posted photos and videos online, and received many inquiries from families interested in bringing Paul Anka home for a sleepover.

shelter sleepovers

One lucky family got to bring Paul Anka home with them, and they called the shelter the next morning to tell them that the night had gone well. The family asked to extend Paul Anka's stay, and the following day they applied to adopt him.

Paul Anka found a home that he might not otherwise have - the family was hesitant about adopting a pit bull, but spending time with Paul Anka gave them a chance to truly get to know the dog.

shelter sleepovers

Given the success of the first sleepover, the rescue has done additional photoshoots with other dogs in need of homes in hopes of scheduling more sleepovers.

Hopefully, these sleepovers will not only encourage adoptions, but will also help ensure that a dog is a good match for an adoptive family.

shelter sleepovers shelter sleepovers shelter sleepovers

Interested in adopting a dog? If you live in the Atlanta area, contact the Lifeline Animal Project to see if you can schedule a sleepover.

You can email them at [email protected]

All photos courtesy of the Lifeline Animal Project

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