SPCA Is Asking Public for Help Naming Newborn Baby Donkey

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook

The Pennsylvania SPCA needs your creative baby-naming help!

Calling all donkey lovers! You're about to fall in love with the newest baby face at the Pennsylvania SPCA.

The organization is asking for suggestions for the newborn "sassy" donkey born in the wee morning hours on May 7.

Frontrunners so far are: Lil' Sebastian, Georgie, Van, J.R. (Romeo, Jr.), and Lucky. Brayheart is also a creative suggestion. You can either submit your own name or vote for one, all for just a $5 donation. All proceeds go directly toward the baby donkey's medical care fund and enter you for a chance to meet the little guy and his donkey mama, Sadie.

baby donkey

The Pennsylvania SPCA took on a bunch of animals from a neglect case back in April, including chickens, roosters, a cow and goat, two dogs and two donkeys--Sadie and Romeo. Lo and behold, Sadie was already pregnant.

This particular shelter previously made headlines when it rescued a pregnant giraffe, April, who also had a naming competition for her offspring. Just like April, cameras were installed in Sadie's barn to monitor her day and night.

Employees at PSPCA can't seem to get enough of their new addition. Nurse supervisor Alicia Royer said:

"He's a sassy boy and the cutest baby ever."

Despite some health complications that warranted a blood transfusion, veterinary and shelter staff are confident the baby donkey will have a full recovery.

Vote here for the baby name and enter into a chance to meet the mom and son duo!

UPDATE: The voting is over and the donkey has been named Georgie in honor of the Pennsylvania's SPCA humane law enforcement officer who died last year after battling cancer. The naming contest raised $4,000 to cover Georgie's medical costs!

What would you name this little baby? Tell us in the comments below!

All photos via Pennsylvania SPCA/Facebook.

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SPCA Is Asking Public for Help Naming Newborn Baby Donkey