Shelter Dogs in Philadelphia Get a Second Chance with Police Force

Posted by Stacey Venzel
All photos via 3 News Las Vegas

The "Throw Away Dogs" K9 Unit is all about second chances.

Shelters are being emptied by the police force for reasons that will melt your heart.

Throw Away Dogs is a project that was started by Carol Skaziak in 2014 when she saw the lack of affection dogs at boarding facilities were getting. Skaziak has rescued 12 dogs since then, nine of which are now top dawgs in their K9 Unit.

Unwanted dogs are adopted from shelters through the program and then trained as canine sentries and drug sniffers. The dogs are donated to police departments that don't have the money to purchase trained K9 members.

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Skaziak's husband is in the police force, which has given her insight into how much money these departments are saving by not having to invest time and energy into the adoption and training process. She estimates they will save anywhere from $5K to $10K by adopting dogs from  the Throw Away Dogs program.

When picking out dogs for the police force, Skaziak works with handler Jennifer Doyle, who seeks out canines that really want to play. Doyle doesn't want a dog to sniff out drugs because she tells him to but rather because he sees it as a game, one in which he is all too excited to participate.

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According to Skaziak:

"A rescue dog has the same qualities as an imported dog. I have seen it, I have proved it and I will continue to do that."

Throw Away Dogs has a three-month training program prior to the K9 Unit test put forth by the police department. Even if the dogs don't make it into the program, Skaziak ensures that they find a forever home.

All photos via 3 News Las Vegas.

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Shelter Dogs in Philadelphia Get a Second Chance with Police Force