Shelter Dog Gets Cast in 'Transformers 5' Movie

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Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre via BBC

A dog that has languished in a U.K. animal shelter for six years has finally gotten her lucky break: a role in the new "Transformers 5" movie.

For more than half a decade, Liverpool's Freshfields Animal Rescue has been home to Freya, coined "Britain's loneliest dog" by the Mirror after the news outlet learned of Freya's long residency at the shelter.

In the six years that Freya has spent at Freshfields Animal Rescue, she has been passed over by more than 18,000 potential adopters. Moreover, the "sweet" and "friendly" dog has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy, a hurdle that shelter workers feared would only worsen her predicament.

As it turns out, quite the opposite was true, and the added complication worked in Freya's favor. Upon learning of Freya's story in the news, movie director Michael Bay stepped in.

On Thursday, June 2, Bay took to Twitter with a three-part tweet:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bay has two Bull Mastiffs, Bonecrusher and Grace. So, if Freya officially joins the Bay household, she'll be in good company.

Meanwhile, Freshfields Animal Rescue is ecstatic about the publicity Freya's story has attracted.

Freshfields spokeswoman Debbie Hughes told BBC, "To have this publicity is not just great for Freya but the other 40 dogs we have."

The happy girl shows off her million dollar movie star smile. Photo by Freshfields Animal Rescue via The Huffington Post
Freshfields Animal Rescue via The Huffington Post.

Freya, of course, has accepted the movie role, and in her facebook Doggie Diary from Freshfields, she reports: "I'm going to be a film star! The staff here say I'm enough of a diva already but I don't mind the extra attention."

In the blink of an eye, she's gone from Britain's loneliest dog to Freya the Transformers dog. Break a leg, Freya! We'll all be watching for your silver screen debut.

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Shelter Dog Gets Cast in 'Transformers 5' Movie