Service Dog Attends Performance of 'Cats' and Chases One of the Actors

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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It wasn't just felines dancing across the stage in a recent performance of the hit Broadway musical 'Cats.'

A recent production of Cats at the Neil Simon Theatre in Manhattan, New York, was disrupted in its opening sequence when a service dog chased after one of the actors.

The canine sprang loose from his owner and headed toward actress Mackenzie Warren as she strutted and sang across the stage as Bombalurina. An usher was quick to react, snagging the pooch before further chaos could ensue. He returned the canine to his owner, who was reportedly "mortified."

Thankfully, no humans, dogs, cats, or humans dressed as cats were injured during the incident. A spokesperson for the meowsical said:

"In the storied history of Cats, this is the first time one of the actual cats was involved in an incident with a dog. We're pleased to report that no animals or humans were harmed in the dust-up, and the performance continued without a hitch."

While the musical is suitable for children, it's apparently not appropriate for dogs of any age.


How do you think your dog would react at a production of 'Cats?' Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Service Dog Attends Performance of 'Cats' and Chases One of the Actors