Senior Street Dog on Brink of Death Finds New Hope

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Animal Aid Unlimited, India received an urgent call on its helpline.

The caller reported a stray dog so ill, it couldn't even stand.

When the rescue team arrived on the scene, they were shocked by what they found. The dehydrated old dog was curled up in a ball, covered in sores and head-to-toe mange that had robbed her of all her fur.

Help had come with no time to spare. She was on the brink of death.

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She cried out in pain as the rescue team wrapped her in a blanket and carried her to the truck.

When the dog arrived at Animal Aid's shelter, it was clear that she was completely shut down. Whether or not she'd survive remained unclear, but Animal Aid's dedicated team were determined to do everything they could for her.

First, they gave her an anti-inflammatory to soothe her painful skin. They followed up with a special lotion, and IV fluids to treat her dehydration. After several days, she was well enough for her first bath...things were looking up!

Ten days after arriving at Animal Aid, it was clear this brave little dog was determined to live.

Watch this amazing rescue and recovery story unfold:

Several months later, the dog, named Helen, was back on her feet and looking toward a much brighter future.

Thanks to Animal Aid's lifesaving work, Helen is now a healthy, happy senior lady who will live out her golden years in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless efforts on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save more precious lives just like Helen's.

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Senior Street Dog on Brink of Death Finds New Hope