Shetland Pony Visits Senior Home to Pay Special Horse-Loving Resident a Visit

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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A Shetland pony's visit to a senior home lifted everyone's spirits, but it was particularly memorable for one horse-loving resident. 

Horses were Betty Burchett's life. Burchett, who is now 88, owned and trained racehorses for years. She's also had horses for all of her life. But horses are hard to come by at the East Sussex Sunrise of Eastbourne senior home, where Burchett lives. Thankfully, a Shetland Pony changed all of that.

Enter Bailey, a very fluffy and adorable Shetland pony who came to visit Sunrise of Eastbourne. Bailey visited the home's residents for about an hour, then paid a special visit to Burchett's room. Bailey walked right up beside Burchett's bed so that Burchett could pat her. Burchett smiled the entire time that she visited with Bailey.

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This isn't the first time that Burchett's been able to see a horse since she's been in the senior home. In December, Burchett wasn't doing well, but her care assistant Emma Draper coordinated a visit to a local stable to try to boost her spirits. Burchett wanted to be able to pat a horse one more time, and Draper proposed that if Burchett ate the food needed to build up the strength for the trip, they'd go and visit a stable. Burchett held up her end of the deal and they took a trip to visit a nearby stable a few weeks later.

Us horsepeople? We get it. You don't outgrow horses, no matter how old you get. And even if you've owned dozens or hundreds of horses in your lifetime, a visit from a Shetland Pony can still be the most valuable experience in the world.

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All images: Horse and Hound

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Shetland Pony Visits Senior Home to Pay Special Horse-Loving Resident a Visit