Senior Dog Sanctuary Working to Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Krissy Howard

"Grey is golden."

That's the saying that keeps GRASS (Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary) going.

Located in Houston, this non-profit organization works to serve as a refuge for "senior and special needs Goldens by providing a clean, safe, and loving sanctuary for these abandoned Goldens to live out their golden years." But when Hurricane Harvey hit the gulf coast in late August, the facility was essentially underwater.

With waist-deep waters reaching the facility before noon, the team had to transport all of their residents off the property and into the homes of volunteer foster parents.

GRASS is now working to rebuild their physical facility, according to a report by Life with Dogs.

With a large backyard designed for exercise, play, and soaking in sun and an eight-bedroom house in which the dogs live - two of which are dedicated to hospice care - rebuilding is a huge undertaking. GRASS also hopes to raise the facility three feet above ground to prevent from future disaster should another flood hit their home.

GRASS spends around $100,000 in veterinary bills for their senior residents alone each year and hopes to raise $60,000 to rebuild their facility.

If you wish to donate to the GoFundMe page created to help GRASS rebuild and offer a second chance for senior and special needs Goldens, you can find more information here.

Have you ever been the parent to a Golden Retriever? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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Senior Dog Sanctuary Working to Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey