This Senior Dog Outlived Everyone's Expectations and Is Still Going Strong

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senior dog
All photos by Sarah Pope via The Dodo

When Sarah Pope and her boyfriend adopted 10-year-old Champ, they figured he wasn't long for this world. 

Five years later, Champ is alive and well - and defying expectations on a daily basis.

Pope and her boyfriend adopted Champ when Champ's family moved to a building that didn't allow dogs. Champ was 10 at the time and had lived with his family his whole life.

Fretting about what would happen to Champ, his family told Pope, who worked at the boarding facility where Champ occasionally stayed, about their predicament. Pope and her boyfriend had been thinking about adopting a second dog as a companion for their dog Wally, so they decided to take Champ.

senior dog Champ and Wally

Pope told the Dodo, "We were a bit worried about his health, because he was 10 years old at the time, but he seemed like such a great fit that we figured we would deal with any health problems when they arrived."

That day came sooner than anticipated. Soon after Champ moved into his new home, he developed severe lameness in his left hind leg. The vet examined him and discovered that Champ was suffering from a previously torn ACL, along with hip dysplasia and arthritis.

senior dog Champ in bath

"We figured he only had a year or two left, and wanted to give him a warm home," said Pope.

But that "year or two" turned into five. And today, Champ is still kicking. He's about to celebrate his 15th birthday, and, according to his family, still has the soul of a puppy.

senior dog Champ in snow

He still swims, plays in the snow, loves to hang out with his doggy pals, and goes to work with Pope.

According to Pope, "He loves other dogs and even though he can't play as much anymore, he enjoys laying and 'supervising'."

senior dog Champ and Golden Retriever

This sweet old man is proof positive that senior dogs are some of the best companions out there. So if you're thinking of adding a member to your pack, consider adopting a senior dog. They have lots of life left in them, and endless love left to give.

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All photos by Sarah Pope via The Dodo.

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This Senior Dog Outlived Everyone's Expectations and Is Still Going Strong