Senior Dog Missing in Wilderness for 9 Months Found, Now Known as 'The Legend'

Posted by Krissy Howard
The Sacramento Bee

After surviving in the Idaho wilderness on her own for nine long months, a deaf senior dog named Mo is finally home where she belongs. 

When an old stray dog was found collapsed on an Idaho ranch earlier this summer, she was taken straight to local rescuer Cheri Glankler, who, with 20 years of experience, knew exactly what to do.

Covered in fleas and ticks, the old dog was looking rough, but Glankler suspected that she may be missed by her owners, and posted in a local lost and found group on Facebook, where users recognized the pooch immediately.

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According to a report from The Sacramento Bee, a 12-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Mo went missing during a routine hunting and camping trip with owners Darwin and Cindy Cameron last September. Despite living almost 11 hours away from the camping spot where Mo disappeared, the Camerons stayed in the area for three months, searching for their beloved girl.

The search yielded no luck, and once winter set in everyone feared the worst for old Mo. Several people reached out with possible sightings, but none ended in luck, and the Camerons were beginning to lose hope.

Not wanting to disappoint them again, Glankler wanted to be absolutely sure it was Mo before reaching out to the Camerons. When Mo's love for chasing squirrels made itself apparent, Glankler knew she had their girl, and persuaded the couple to make one more trip up north.

Facebook/Lost Pets Boise

"I knew right away," Glankler said, in an interview with the news outlet.

"She went to Cindy and pushed her head into Cindy's belly. Cindy was looking her over and looking for all the signs that this is Mo -- a stitch in her right eye, her fatty tumor."

Despite having only known Darwin and Cindy as her owner for 12 years of her life, it did take a little time for Mo to come around, a trait not uncommon amongst once missing dogs who have since been forced to go into survival mode.

After a little time back at her old home, Mo came around, comforted by her familiar surroundings. She did lose about half of her body weight fending for herself in the woods all winter, so the Camerons are focused on getting her back to normal and healthy.

Above all, they are happy to have their dog back. Because of her ordeal, Mo, the deaf old hunting dog, is now known by Idaho locals and hunters far and wide by a new name: The Legend.

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Senior Dog Missing in Wilderness for 9 Months Found, Now Known as 'The Legend'