Senior Dog Missing for 6 Weeks Until Woman Hears a Cry in the Mountains

Posted by Mateja Lane

There wasn't much hope for Chloe the 14-year-old dog.

Larry Osborne and his dog Chloe were on a routine walk near Mount Bross, Colorado when Chloe ran away. Osborne looked for his dog high and low, but Chloe was nowhere to be found. 

"After about the fourth week (of searching for Chloe), we started taking the posters down," Osborne told CBS Local. He posted about his missing dog on local sites, including a climbing website where a woman named Trinity Smith noticed it. 

Smith had been hearing barking recently and immediately thought of the missing dog. But could the dog really be alive on a 14,000-foot mountainside after five weeks? She decided to find out.

"I had no sleep the past two nights, because all I could think about was a poor dog stuck in harsh conditions, at 14,00 feet," Smith said.

She and friend Sean Nichols went up into the mountains calling for the dog for two days to no avail.

"I started to give up, thinking she hadn't made it through the night. Then (I heard) that little bark, and the adrenaline started going again," Smith said.

It was Chloe.

After rumors of a dog crying & 2 days of scrambling along the side of a 14er, we finally brought this sweet baby down to...

Posted by Trinity Smith on Friday, September 22, 2017

The poor old dog was stuck on a rocky ledge and couldn't get down. There's no telling how long she had been there.

"I reached up and got her, and she got on my chest," Nichols said. "We just slid down the rocks. She was so light, I could hold her with one arm."


Smith and Nichols fed Chloe and gave her water. Then they took her to the local convenience store where an employee recognized the old dog. She called Chloe's owner, Larry Osborne, and told him the good news. Osborne was ecstatic.

"I just started crying. I couldn't believe it was (Chloe)."

Chloe had lost 64 pounds lost in the mountains for six weeks, but is regaining weight daily. Smith went and visited the dog she had rescued and was thrilled to see her so much healthier.

Chloe is a fighter!

filming for Inside Edition today with this superstar. Chloe has already gained 10lbs back, she's a fighter & an inspiration to us all!

Posted by Trinity Smith on Monday, September 25, 2017

The story has since gone viral and for good reason. This was set to be a tragedy; Osborne was already looking for Chloe's remains. But instead, this story had a happy ending.

"With everything going on in the world, there are still good people out there," Osborne said.

Tell us what you think of Chloe's amazing fight for survival in the comments below!


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Senior Dog Missing for 6 Weeks Until Woman Hears a Cry in the Mountains