Senior Dog Abandoned by Family Waits Outside House for a Year

Posted by Krissy Howard
senior dog

When a senior dog's family moved away without him, he waited by the home for an entire year.

No one is sure why the family of Stewie, an 11-year-old pit bull mix, left him behind when they moved away, especially Stewie himself.

Loyal and devoted, the senior pooch waited on the property for his family's return for an entire year.

When rescuers from Hope for Paws, a California-based rescue organization, arrived at the home Stewie couldn't bring himself to leave. Even offerings of food didn't stop the starving dog from running away from rescuers; however, his attachment to the home prevented him from going too far, always returning to the place where he once understood what being part of a family was like.

Eventually, Stewie was captured and crated, and his journey toward a happy ending could begin.

Stewie was immediately assessed by a vet, where they learned he was covered in tumors and had a belly full of rocks, which he had apparently eaten in order to survive those lonely days and nights on his own.

Luckily, the tumors weren't cancerous, and after being given an otherwise clean bill of health, Stewie began to experience love and kindness again, learning to trust those around him.

He eventually landed in a fantastic foster home where he remains safe and fed.

If you're interested in adopting, fostering, or sponsoring Stewie - or any other wonderful senior dogs in need of their own forever homes - you can find more info at

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Senior Dog Abandoned by Family Waits Outside House for a Year