Senior Cat Survives 20 Years in an Apartment Basement

Posted by Krissy Howard
All photos via The Dodo

She's been living alone in the basement of an NYC apartment building for the last 20 years, but thanks to the kindness of one stranger, this senior kitty's story ends as a happy tale. 

For the last 20 years, a female cat in NYC has had no companionship, no name, and no real home. Abandoned by her former owners back in 1997, she's been living in the basement of the apartment building she once called home, surviving on the kindness of her fellow neighbors.

Her story is finally being told thanks to an incredible report by The Dodo. It's one that hits close to home for the publication -- a videographer for the site recently moved into the building and found the senior sweetie living in the dark.

"I would go and give her food and pet her," Anita Diamantopoulou told the outlet. "She is super friendly and loves head rubs!"

Seeing that the cat had no access to fresh air or sunlight, and limited interaction with humans, Diamantopoulou knew that she couldn't let the kitty, who she has since named Granny, live out the rest of her days in a damp basement. Because she has a cat of her own, she was forced to find a foster home for Granny, which she did with a close friend.

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After a quick trip to the vet for vaccines and blood work, Granny was transported to the first real place she can call home in 20 years.

"The first day she stayed in the bathroom where it is dark and cooler," Diamantopoulou explained. "I guess the sun bothers her since she hasn't been out since forever."

A GoFundMe created to cover the costs of her veterinary visit revealed that Granny has a urinary tract infection, an upset liver, and is hyperthyroid, in addition to being underweight, and missing most of her teeth.

Regardless, she's expected to make a full recovery, and thanks to the dedicated work of Diamantopoulou and her friends, Granny will get the chance to live out the rest of her life in the comfort and care that every animal deserves.

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Photos via The Dodo

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Senior Cat Survives 20 Years in an Apartment Basement