Surfing Dog Gets Photobombed...By a Shark

Posted by Krissy Howard

What was just a relaxing day of riding waves turned into a close call for one lucky pooch! 

A surf contest in Huntington Beach, California was forced to shut down last weekend after spectators witnessed a 9-10 foot shark swimming in the waters of a nearby pier. No one was injured, but one special little surfer did have a pretty close encounter, unbeknownst to her!

Surfing with the big fishes today ?today ? @_mark_richardson #sugarthesurfingdog

A photo posted by Sugar (@sugarthesurfingdog) on

Known as Sugar the Surfing Dog, this wave-riding regular came within inches of what is believed to be the same shark that got the contest shut down. Thankfully, this swimmer wasn't aggressive and left the scene before Sugar or her friends knew what was going on, but someone a little closer to shore was able to snap this incredible image just in the nick of time.

Before meeting her owner/surfing partner Ryan Rustan, Sugar had a rough life, just barely surviving on the streets of Oakland. Not much more than skin and bones when he found her, Rustan, a lifelong surfer, placed the sweet girl on a bodyboard in his pool shortly after welcoming her to her forever home.

"She almost had this little smile on her face about it. It was pretty tight," Rustan said in an interview with The OC Register.

My first board . I was only 7 months old in this picture ❤️??? #sugarthesurfingdog #2012

A photo posted by Sugar (@sugarthesurfingdog) on

After taking to the water right away, the pair has been surfing together ever since, and have even added a little surfing sister to their pack, Kiwi the Surfing Dog!

For many dogs who have traveled a rough road to get where they are, the use of physical or mental games and sports can go a long way in rebuilding some much-needed confidence. Agility courses can make for a great way to teach your pup to believe in his or herself, and can also make for a fun time for everyone.

If you think a surfing dog is a sight to see, check out this Hawaiian event that took place back in August, which featured a surfing pig, and a surfing cat!

What do you think of this close call? Tell us in the comments below!

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Surfing Dog Gets Photobombed...By a Shark