See the Beauty of Show Jumping in Slow Motion

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Show jumping shows off the horse's athleticism and elegance, and now you can see it all in slow motion. 

Show jumping is such a fast-paced sport that we don't always have a chance to appreciate the details of a jump. In fact, jumping is actually a complex set of movements. The horse has to gather himself, push off from the right takeoff point, tuck up both his front and hind legs, catch himself with his front legs, and then push off with his hind legs to continue moving forward.

Problem is, it all happens so quickly that you wouldn't really notice it.

This video is a wonderfully artistic look at the motion of show jumping, slowed down so that you can observe every muscle, every angle, and every movement. Both horse and rider in this video are highly talented, and they put in a wonderful example of a desirable jumping form.

The video itself is also beautifully filmed and lit, highlighting the artistry behind horseback riding.

Slowing down show jumping so that you can see exactly how the horse moves gives you a better understanding of what is going on beneath you when you're soaring over a fence. It also highlights how easily a rider's position can help or hinder a jumping horse. Think about what happens when you jump ahead of your horse, or when you get left behind the motion. Those elegant movements that the horse displays in this video would be restricted or even destroyed.

If you want to quickly improve your jumping position, then enlist someone to videotape you as you jump. Try to have your helper stand beside a jump so that they can get clear footage of your position over the fence. Then, slow down the footage and review the tape.

You'll probably notice things - both good and bad - that you weren't aware you were doing. You can then work on improving your riding so that you can be more efficient over fences.

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See the Beauty of Show Jumping in Slow Motion