Security Footage Shows Goat Ramming Glass to Impress Lady Friend

Posted by Tori Holmes

After arriving at work, the staff at a company in Louisville, Colorado were shocked to see that their front doors had been vandalized.

When Greg Cappeart of Argonics Inc. arrived to work on Monday morning, he was greeted by a shattered glass front door.

shattered glass doors

Assuming it was just a standard act of vandalism, he called the police and went inside to review the security footage.

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When he started reviewing the tapes, he couldn't believe what he saw: a goat headbutting the doors until they shattered.

He even appeared to have a second goat (maybe a lady friend?) join him to keep watch while he finished the job! Was this a typical macho move of impressing the other sex with his manly prowess? It sure looks like it...

Why does the goat look like he wants in so badly? It could have been that he saw his reflection in the glass and took it as a competitor. He may have thought that devilishly-handsome goat looking back at him wanted to steal his lady friend and decided that ramming until the rival was destroyed was the best course of action.

But once the glass shattered, he was outta there!

While we may never know what the goats wanted from inside the shop, or who the goat was trying to impress, we do know that Argonics Inc. is going to have to look into some goat-proof glass for the door in case the pair comes back to finish what they started.

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Security Footage Shows Goat Ramming Glass to Impress Lady Friend