'The Secret Life of Pets': One Thumb Up, One Thumb Down

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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"The Secret Life of Pets" hit some high marks with viewers but it's not cut out for an Academy Award.

"The Secret Life of Pets" left "Ghostbusters" in the dust when the two movies premiered on the same weekend. "Pets" ranked No. 1 in the box office and has since grossed over $330 million USD, roughly a third of which accumulated opening weekend.

But "Finding Dory" still topped "Pets" in its debut and continues to do so, though the film has been out for about three weeks longer.

The animated creatures in "Pets" are voiced by an all-star cast including comedian Louis C.K. as the neighborhood Alpha, Max, and Eric Stonestreet ("Modern Family") as the enemy turned best bud Duke. Comedians Jenny Slate and Kevin Hart round out the cast to give viewers a playful romp down pet lane.

But the film falls short of good substance. There are laughs along the way, but stereotypes are overplayed.

catCat lovers in particular might not take to the film as the fluffballs are only portrayed as pretentious and stupid. But then again, the lost guinea pig scurrying through the air ducts to find his way back home doesn't seem to have much brain power going for him, and rodents are routinely proven to be intelligent creatures.

"Pets" is meant to be a lighthearted take on what goes on behind closed doors when an owner is gone. Separation anxiety is legitimately documented as is the amount of sleeping animals do. But do pets really sneak out and visit each other when their owners are away? They just might do that and other secretive things caught on camera.

If you're looking to take your kid to the movie, have at it. But adult humor and a solid plot line might leave you less amused with "Secret Life of Pets" than with other animal movies.

Nevertheless, you'll still find many of the characters quite lovable--even the evil bunny.

Photos via Secret Life of Pets

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'The Secret Life of Pets': One Thumb Up, One Thumb Down