'Secret Life of Pets' Gets a Sequel and We Can't Wait!

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Secret Life of Pets
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Clear your schedule for June 7, 2019--you already have plans.

Last summer's hit animated film, "The Secrete Life of Pets" will continue its story with a much anticipated sequel. Founder and CEO Chris Meledandri and collaborator Janet Healy of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures originally announced the movie's release date during the holiday weekend of July 3, 2019, but fans can now rejoice about being reunited with Max and his gang a whole month earlier than expected.

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Without giving away any spoilers, the original "Pets" movie follows a group of dogs, a cat, a lost guinea pig, a parakeet, and a misunderstood falcon as they inadvertently leave the comforts of their domesticated lives. They go on a harrowing adventure that teaches them (and the audience) that animals aren't always treated with the love and compassion they deserve. They battle bad guys and learn the harsh truth about homeless pets all before their owners come home at the end of the day.


Louis C. K. is the voice of Max, and his co-stars include other big Hollywood names like Kevin Hart, Hannibal Buress, Dana Carvey, Bobby Moynihan, Jenny Slate, Albert Brooks, Eric Stonestreet, and Ellie Kemper. There's no word yet on how many members of the original voice cast will be back on board for the sequel, but fans expect a mix of old characters and new. The film will be directed by Chris Renaud, who was the original film director, and writer Brian Lynch is coming back, too.

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The idea to add on to this popular animated tale is no surprise considering the original movie's widespread box office success. It's earned a total $875.5 million and is considered on the top tier of 2016 animated movies alongside "Finding Dory."

Don't forget to mark your calendar for June 7, 2019 to find out what Max and his gang are up to next.

Are you excited for a "Secret Life of Pets" sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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'Secret Life of Pets' Gets a Sequel and We Can't Wait!